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Creative use of Concrete to enhance your home

September 30, 2016 • servadmin

Creative use of Concrete to enhance your home01
Poppenga Concrete Construction will help you have the best in …/concrete design
I am in the concrete business because I love its strength, durability, and flexible attributes that allow for so many creative designs that will enhance real estate, buildings, and homes of all kinds. Poppenga Concrete Construction has made it our mission to help you have the very best in quality and design for you next concrete project.
Many think of it as being hard as nails and not very flexible, but it really can be very flexible in use and does offer very flexible and broad design options. Just about anything is possible design wise whether it is your backyard, pool side, patio, drives, walks, curbs, wall, or even floors.
Though I am not a design expert, I fell in love with concrete and want all our work to show it. This is the reason we came up with the slogan “Our Race ‘For Quality’ Has No Finish Line” which highlights our goal for every job. Concrete can be hard as nails, yet flexible enough for extremely creative, yet original, designs to enhance your home, land, and buildings. Concrete can be colored, textured and stamped in forms to resemble many designs on slabs and walls and can even compliment specific architectural themes such as Traditional, Modern, Old World, Spanish, Southwest, Ranch, Rustic, and Tropical.

A friend of mine, an expert in design, a “Marketing & Design Coordinator” recently gave me this advice about decorative stamped concrete patterns: He said, “My personal opinion; any pattern could essentially work in that space depending on colors used and size area. I personally think the pattern chosen is based on size of the area. Smaller area can use a smaller stone pattern and larger area would use a larger stone pattern so the larger area wouldn’t look so busy.”

Here is a picture of a job that has an old arch design where our “Butterfield pattern”
Mayan Cobblestone was installed.

So you can be very versatile in your creative uses of stamped and decorative concrete finishes by applying careful color coordination techniques along with the space advice of “smaller areas, smaller pattern, larger areas, larger patterns.” The same applies to any concrete patterns other than stone.

In today’s world you have many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from expanding your design options to be nearly unlimited in scope including interior as well as exterior.

Interior or Exterior

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Look over our galleries on our website at; where you will find loads of ideas including concrete patio examples, for your next concrete project.
Remember, adding small enhancements to your next concrete project will save money over the long haul because doing them alone can become prohibitive cost wise. For example, adding a fire pit to your patio or pool deck is more economical to do with the patio/pool deck than doing alone.

While looking over our site you might want to make notes of designs you like before contacting Poppenga Concrete Construction. You can even contact me for help and for FREE ESTIMATES. For more information, click or call 417-379-5441.

Dave Poppenga

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