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Concrete is Cool

January 27, 2017 • servadmin • Status

As you know, concrete is used worldwide in innumerable projects spanning the residential, commercial and industrial fields. It is an extremely versatile construction material allowing for versatile and imaginative creative designs. Its exterior appearance can be manipulated by use of many various designs details and techniques. Its strength can be altered by man prior to pouring per design specifications set by architects and engineers.

Preparations and Forms: Preparations and Forms and form materials have improved a great deal in the past 20 to 30 years. Methods of site preparations before setting forms, have also improved in past 20 to 30 yearsnot only because of better form materials but also because of better and smaller compaction equipment. Years ago, equipment was larger and very awkward thus pre-form preparations were often done with hand labor. Today we have smaller equipment that willmaneuver most projects easily. They make for less hand work in

And compaction of fill prior to pouring is generally easier today than 20 to 30 years ago. Today there is hand operated compaction equipment.

Today, concrete contractors may choose to use dimensional lumber and structural plywood for forms. Differing circumstances will entail different tools, forms, and equipment.

The difference in quality workmanship begins with the form setting crew. Poppenga Concrete gives meticulous attention to forming details because it will show up in quality finish as witnessed when forms are pulled from the freshly cured concrete project.

These forms were constructed in-place, but for some special projects, such as basements and walls, there are many manufactured forms available. Poppenga Concrete Construction LLC, gives specific and careful details to preparation and form setting, as well as to fill and compaction. This is all the difference in quality work, but Just the beginning of an overall quality job. For us; this is living up to the company motto which is, “Our Race For Quality Has No Finish Line.”

Our goal of quality work begins the minute we arrive on site to begin a new project.

Next month I will continue with Concrete Can Be Cool blog where I discuss “Concrete Finishes, Finishing Techniques, and Patio Add-ons.


These forms were constructed in-place and this works well for special projects, such as basements and walls. today there are many type of ready made manufactured forms available. Poppenga Concrete Construction LLC, gives specific and careful details to preparation and form setting, as well as to fill and compaction. This is all the difference in quality work, but Just the beginning of an overall quality job.

For us; this is living up to the company motto which is, “Our Race For Quality Has No Finish Line.” Our goal of quality work begins the minute we arrive on site to begin a new project.

Next month I will continue with Concrete Can Be Cool blog where I discuss “Concrete Finishes, Finishing Techniques, and Patio Add-ons.


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Why does concrete, especially slabs, settle & crack?

December 29, 2016 • servadmin

There are several possible reasons for concrete slabs to slump, sink, or settle below the desired finish grade. In Many instances time will allow the finish grade of slabs to change (settle, sink, or slump) due to failure of backfill and lack of soil compaction during construction, or erosion from poor drainage.

Over time, moisture from poor or inadequate drainage can cause the fill under the slab to settle and compress under the weight of the concrete slab, thus allowing the unsupported concrete to fail because of inadequate support from soil beneath the slab. Some soils such as clay, will expand and contract under the influence of moisture and weight, and can be the cause of slab failures.

In most cases placing a bed of gravel and then properly compacting it will prevent slap failures. The exception can occur during improper drainage events. Properly engineered gutter and downspout placement can alleviate water drainage issues which in turn can aggravate concrete slabs. During the life of the slab drainage plays a critical role in concrete slab stability.

Of course proper concrete steel reinforcements such as Re-Wire and Re-bar are helpful in preventing fractures and settling.

Reputable concrete contractors such as Poppenga Concrete Construction, LLC will recommend proper drainage and fill methods to use in your next project. Call Dave at 417-379-5441 or request a Free Estimate here.

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What is stamped concrete? How does it work?

November 28, 2016 • servadmin
In the truck


When using the integral coloring system, the first step is to put the colorant into the truck. We recommend using a 4-inch slump. When adding the Uni-Mix®, make sure you have brought the load to the top of the truck. Simply tear off the the top of the bag, and throw in the entire bag, including the packaging. This saves a lot of mess, and the bag disintegrates completely. Mix for 110 revolutions.



This is a fairly standard procedure. After the truck has mixed for approximately 110 revolutions (about 5 minutes), pour the concrete.

striking off


The initial leveling off of the concrete is called striking off, and is shown here using a straight 2 x 4.



The process known as “jitterbugging” helps bring some of the cream to the surface, allowing smoother finishing and stamping.



“Bullfloating” is the next step. This closes the surface, bringing cream to the surface while flattening and smoothing it. It uses a long-handled magnesium float.



Edging the concrete gives it a nice smooth radius edge to the concrete.



The Fresno is the final finishing before release is applied. It uses a long-handled trowel, which is made of steel.
Note: The use of the fresno should be avoided if freeze thaw is an issue. Instead, the final finish should be performed with a wood or magnesium bullfloat.


Once satisfied with the edging and the finish, it is time to throw the release

As you can see, the release is spread evenly over the entire slab of concrete by literally throwing it. The release agent is used to prevent bonding between the stamping tools and the concrete. It also adds depth and texture to the concrete.


The Largestone Fan pattern is being used here, and as you can see, laying the stamps starts on one side of the job, and works its way over to the other side.

This is a continuation of the laying process.


To help imprint the stamps, we use a 10″ x10″ cast iron tamper with a strong wood handle.

On the right, you’ll notice that flexible mats are being used along the edges to extend the pattern fully.



It may be necessary to touch up some of the joints using a chisel before the concrete has dried.



After 1-2 days, or when concrete has cured sufficiently, it should be pressure washed to remove excess release powder. After the concrete has dried thoroughly, it should be sealed using our non-yellowing acrylic sealer.

Here is the patio from the other side.


Information for this post was provided by Butterfield Color.

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October 31, 2016 • servadmin

Here are some of the most popular designs from actual projects. Seeing actual projects can help you develope ideas for your project. Patterned stamped concrete that resembles brick, slate, flagstone, wood, cobblestone and other patterns. Using real natural stone or brick flat work can be very costly and require more upkeep than decorative patterned & stamped concrete.  Therefore, stamped decorative concrete is much more economical and offers vast options while still capable of achieving your desired look. Concrete is the most often installed surface for driveways, walks, steps, courtyards, and patios.  Therefore, stamped decorative concrete is currently the most popular application for creating unique designs that will enhance your property in both beauty and utility for years to come.

Stamped Patterns Gallery & Stamped Concrete Color Chart

Stamped concrete pool deck

concrete pool deck

Stamped concrete

pool deck

Stamped concrete pool deck

Stamped concrete pool deck



Walks & Steps

Any stamped and decorative concrete pattern.

decorative concrete sidewalk

decorative concrete sidewalk

Decorative Stamped concrete walk & Steps

Decorative Stamped concrete Walk & Steps


Patios, Walks, Fire Pits


stamped and decorative concrete stone pattern

Decorative concrete patio with fire pit

Decorative concrete patio with fire pit

Stamped concrete Entry WalkKRC_Stamped_Concrete_BBQ_And_Fire_Pit_393_large


Creative use of Concrete to enhance your home

September 30, 2016 • servadmin

Creative use of Concrete to enhance your home01
Poppenga Concrete Construction will help you have the best in …/concrete design
I am in the concrete business because I love its strength, durability, and flexible attributes that allow for so many creative designs that will enhance real estate, buildings, and homes of all kinds. Poppenga Concrete Construction has made it our mission to help you have the very best in quality and design for you next concrete project.
Many think of it as being hard as nails and not very flexible, but it really can be very flexible in use and does offer very flexible and broad design options. Just about anything is possible design wise whether it is your backyard, pool side, patio, drives, walks, curbs, wall, or even floors.
Though I am not a design expert, I fell in love with concrete and want all our work to show it. This is the reason we came up with the slogan “Our Race ‘For Quality’ Has No Finish Line” which highlights our goal for every job. Concrete can be hard as nails, yet flexible enough for extremely creative, yet original, designs to enhance your home, land, and buildings. Concrete can be colored, textured and stamped in forms to resemble many designs on slabs and walls and can even compliment specific architectural themes such as Traditional, Modern, Old World, Spanish, Southwest, Ranch, Rustic, and Tropical.

A friend of mine, an expert in design, a “Marketing & Design Coordinator” recently gave me this advice about decorative stamped concrete patterns: He said, “My personal opinion; any pattern could essentially work in that space depending on colors used and size area. I personally think the pattern chosen is based on size of the area. Smaller area can use a smaller stone pattern and larger area would use a larger stone pattern so the larger area wouldn’t look so busy.”

Here is a picture of a job that has an old arch design where our “Butterfield pattern”
Mayan Cobblestone was installed.

So you can be very versatile in your creative uses of stamped and decorative concrete finishes by applying careful color coordination techniques along with the space advice of “smaller areas, smaller pattern, larger areas, larger patterns.” The same applies to any concrete patterns other than stone.

In today’s world you have many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from expanding your design options to be nearly unlimited in scope including interior as well as exterior.

Interior or Exterior

1 2 3 4

Look over our galleries on our website at; where you will find loads of ideas including concrete patio examples, for your next concrete project.
Remember, adding small enhancements to your next concrete project will save money over the long haul because doing them alone can become prohibitive cost wise. For example, adding a fire pit to your patio or pool deck is more economical to do with the patio/pool deck than doing alone.

While looking over our site you might want to make notes of designs you like before contacting Poppenga Concrete Construction. You can even contact me for help and for FREE ESTIMATES. For more information, click or call 417-379-5441.

Dave Poppenga

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Dealing with Shrubs & Plants

August 26, 2016 • servadmin

Dealing with Shrubs & Plants  during driveway renovation 

th-1drive 250h

During my near 30+ years in this business I have gained lots of information & insight from doing driveway renovations and installs as well as discussions with my many clients.  I write this from experiences over the years and not as a plant or shrub expert.

We prefer not to be involved in caring for or moving plants and shrubs since that is work for plant experts; however, I do recommend this be discussed in depth before we begin your driveway renovation or driveway repair project.  Don’t forget to mention your plants and shrubs when you request a Free Estimate.

I also recommend you consult with experienced nursery persons before moving any plants, bushes, or shrubbery.  This article does not apply to trees.  Perhaps your plants will not have to be moved or disturbed.  We should discuss this before we start work.  Although you might choose to move plants and shrubs yourself I would recommend you hire an expert to move them prior to driveway renovation and then again after work is complete.

There are several things you might want to consider before starting your project.  Some plants and shrubs can be moved while some would suffer some degree of stress when uprooted.  Moving shrubs from accustomed habitat can be a major blow to the plant’s health and therefore it may be a setback for the plant.  With attention to the basics, transplanted shrubs will adapt well especially when cared for by expert landscape nurseries.  The shock of transplanting or moving can be lessened if the task is carried out correctly by experts.

Some people prefer to simply destroy existing plants and shrubs that would be in path of driveway renovation construction rather than dealing with them, and then buy new ones after driveway concrete work is complete.  This way they have the option of dealing with professional landscape architects and designers during replacement. Using professionals will allow you to schedule planting to coincide with the preferred planting seasons as well as the construction work.

Landscape professionals will be able to recommend if soil changes or conditioning is required as well as custom designing your new landscape to match your existing building architecture.  They can guide you from start to finish through design, planting, and care.  An upgrade in driveway design and landscaping can enhance curb appeal as well as land values.

Planning ahead is imperative to good results.  Carefully planning your driveway renovation project will give you a chance to modify your landscaping and even change plants to better compliment your new driveway.

Get inspired! Update your property with a driveway renovation project today.  The best place to start is by requesting a Free Estimate from Poppenga Concrete.

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Planning a Driveway Renovation

July 25, 2016 • servadmin

Planning a Driveway Renovation
Things to consider when planning to replace your Driveway,
Walk, Patio, and/or Steps

There are lots of extremely varied items to consider when planning a concrete project. I hope these considerations will help you in your developing a workable plan for your project. You are invited to contact me, Dave Poppenga, at  here to request a FREE  estimate and get your questions answered.

Costs: In this guide I will not attempt to put in costs as they will vary vastly from job to job and doing so could be very misleading. However, I do offer job specific FREE concrete estimates and job consulting for DRIVEWAY REMOVAL & REPLACEMENT which you can request here.

Poppenga Concrete Construction, LLC can offer a complete “all inclusive” job which will, on your request, include all the items required for your particular project including end of job cleanup and yard work when necessary. Poppenga Concrete will do it all for you when you ask; all you have to do is request a driveway replacement cost estimate, approve it, and work with us to schedule your work. Or, if you prefer, you can do some of the project yourself, such as moving and caring for plants, flowers, and shrubs that may be involved due to their location.

There are many things to consider that may or may not affect the cost of your project, but don’t worry, Poppenga Concrete will help you with details involved. Consulting with Dave will help you understand what is involved in achieving your goals and the costs involved. Hopefully this will help you develop a checklist of items to consider in your project plan.

You might want to consider removing and replacing existing Sidewalks, Patios, Pool Decks, and Steps along with your Driveway replacement job. The advantages of only one construction project for all your outdoor upgrades will be less mess, and will likely be much more cost efficient than doing these projects individually.
Continuity of design will improve your curb appeal and enhance your enjoyment for years to come.

This is the perfect opportunity to add loads of curb appeal to your home by including “stamped decorative” concrete finishes. There are many pattern options and a great selection of colors to choose from. See patterns and colors in menu above or you can find a display of patterns and colors available here.

Consider these things Before actually starting construction.

What about underground utilities? Dave’s crew will call to have site inspected and underground utilities will be marked to insure safe on-sight work………This will be the company that specializes in locating and marking underground utility mains and service lines. they use state-of-the-art methods including radio detection (RD) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to make sure every possible utility is located.

How will I dispose of removed concrete and other debris? Ask Dave to include the disposal of torn out concrete and debris from driveway removal in your contract.
What will be done with existing Plants, and shrubs? This is a decision you must make.

What about our yard? Can contractor get materials and equipment into and out of project areas? This should be discussed with Poppenga Concrete during bidding.

How may weather possibly affect the work progress and completion? It can, and generally will. Poppenga concrete will
Do all in their power to expedite completion of your project.

Will adjacent structure or slabs be protected from concrete spill etc.? Yes, our crew is very conscientious of
Adjacent structures and will protect them.

You probably have heard the cliché “there is more to this than meets the eye”. There usually is, and that is why I wrote this article. I hope you will find this guide helpful in planning your Driveway, Walks, Patios, and/or Step replacement project. Contact me for help and contact me here for FREE ESTIMATE.

Dave Poppenga

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Employment Opportunities

July 8, 2016 • servadmin

We are Hiring! Experienced concrete construction people can apply for work here.

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Request Free Estimate

July 8, 2016 • servadmin

Yes, with your help, I can get you an ESTIMATED PRICE on your project.  Please submit the form below paying particular attention to describe your project in as much detail as you possibly can.

Should you need help just do the best you can and we will get in touch  to see what we need to  do the get you an Estimated Price.

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Residential Gallery

July 6, 2016 • servadmin

 Nothing speaks louder than history.  

Scroll Down to Gallery


Concrete Patios are becoming the backyard’s number one destination spot for cooking, entertaining and relaxing. You can bring the comforts of your indoor rooms to the outside, creating spaces that function as an inviting extension of your home.

CONCRETE VS PAVERS: A slab of concrete for a backyard patio can be much more economical than hand placed pavers. Many people seem to prefer the look of pavers, but at the same time are unaware that concrete can be created to look nearly indentical. The drawbacks of pavers include broken pieces, separation and the ability for weeds to grow between. Concrete, on the other hand, provides a solid surface that completely eliminates weed growth. And concrete can be colored, textured and stamped in form to resemble the look of pavers.

CONCRETE VS WOOD DECKING: Needless to say, concrete is much more durable and long-lasting than wood decking. Its maintenance is also less time consuming and costly. Although
wood decks are characteristically unique, they pose considerable drawbacks with splintering, regular sealing, warping, etc. With concrete however, wood plank stamps now exist that can create the look of wood in the concrete surface, providing a much more resilient and still aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Poppenga’s has been installing concrete driveways, patios, walkways, decks and much more in Southwest Missouri area since 1989. We do commercial and residential projects. We are equip to handle minor repairs to large industrial projects. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

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