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Dealing with Shrubs & Plants

August 26, 2016 • servadmin

Dealing with Shrubs & Plants  during driveway renovation 

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During my near 30+ years in this business I have gained lots of information & insight from doing driveway renovations and installs as well as discussions with my many clients.  I write this from experiences over the years and not as a plant or shrub expert.

We prefer not to be involved in caring for or moving plants and shrubs since that is work for plant experts; however, I do recommend this be discussed in depth before we begin your driveway renovation or driveway repair project.  Don’t forget to mention your plants and shrubs when you request a Free Estimate.

I also recommend you consult with experienced nursery persons before moving any plants, bushes, or shrubbery.  This article does not apply to trees.  Perhaps your plants will not have to be moved or disturbed.  We should discuss this before we start work.  Although you might choose to move plants and shrubs yourself I would recommend you hire an expert to move them prior to driveway renovation and then again after work is complete.

There are several things you might want to consider before starting your project.  Some plants and shrubs can be moved while some would suffer some degree of stress when uprooted.  Moving shrubs from accustomed habitat can be a major blow to the plant’s health and therefore it may be a setback for the plant.  With attention to the basics, transplanted shrubs will adapt well especially when cared for by expert landscape nurseries.  The shock of transplanting or moving can be lessened if the task is carried out correctly by experts.

Some people prefer to simply destroy existing plants and shrubs that would be in path of driveway renovation construction rather than dealing with them, and then buy new ones after driveway concrete work is complete.  This way they have the option of dealing with professional landscape architects and designers during replacement. Using professionals will allow you to schedule planting to coincide with the preferred planting seasons as well as the construction work.

Landscape professionals will be able to recommend if soil changes or conditioning is required as well as custom designing your new landscape to match your existing building architecture.  They can guide you from start to finish through design, planting, and care.  An upgrade in driveway design and landscaping can enhance curb appeal as well as land values.

Planning ahead is imperative to good results.  Carefully planning your driveway renovation project will give you a chance to modify your landscaping and even change plants to better compliment your new driveway.

Get inspired! Update your property with a driveway renovation project today.  The best place to start is by requesting a Free Estimate from Poppenga Concrete.

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