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Planning a Driveway Renovation

July 25, 2016 • servadmin

Planning a Driveway Renovation
Things to consider when planning to replace your Driveway,
Walk, Patio, and/or Steps

There are lots of extremely varied items to consider when planning a concrete project. I hope these considerations will help you in your developing a workable plan for your project. You are invited to contact me, Dave Poppenga, at  here to request a FREE  estimate and get your questions answered.

Costs: In this guide I will not attempt to put in costs as they will vary vastly from job to job and doing so could be very misleading. However, I do offer job specific FREE concrete estimates and job consulting for DRIVEWAY REMOVAL & REPLACEMENT which you can request here.

Poppenga Concrete Construction, LLC can offer a complete “all inclusive” job which will, on your request, include all the items required for your particular project including end of job cleanup and yard work when necessary. Poppenga Concrete will do it all for you when you ask; all you have to do is request a driveway replacement cost estimate, approve it, and work with us to schedule your work. Or, if you prefer, you can do some of the project yourself, such as moving and caring for plants, flowers, and shrubs that may be involved due to their location.

There are many things to consider that may or may not affect the cost of your project, but don’t worry, Poppenga Concrete will help you with details involved. Consulting with Dave will help you understand what is involved in achieving your goals and the costs involved. Hopefully this will help you develop a checklist of items to consider in your project plan.

You might want to consider removing and replacing existing Sidewalks, Patios, Pool Decks, and Steps along with your Driveway replacement job. The advantages of only one construction project for all your outdoor upgrades will be less mess, and will likely be much more cost efficient than doing these projects individually.
Continuity of design will improve your curb appeal and enhance your enjoyment for years to come.

This is the perfect opportunity to add loads of curb appeal to your home by including “stamped decorative” concrete finishes. There are many pattern options and a great selection of colors to choose from. See patterns and colors in menu above or you can find a display of patterns and colors available here.

Consider these things Before actually starting construction.

What about underground utilities? Dave’s crew will call to have site inspected and underground utilities will be marked to insure safe on-sight work………This will be the company that specializes in locating and marking underground utility mains and service lines. they use state-of-the-art methods including radio detection (RD) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to make sure every possible utility is located.

How will I dispose of removed concrete and other debris? Ask Dave to include the disposal of torn out concrete and debris from driveway removal in your contract.
What will be done with existing Plants, and shrubs? This is a decision you must make.

What about our yard? Can contractor get materials and equipment into and out of project areas? This should be discussed with Poppenga Concrete during bidding.

How may weather possibly affect the work progress and completion? It can, and generally will. Poppenga concrete will
Do all in their power to expedite completion of your project.

Will adjacent structure or slabs be protected from concrete spill etc.? Yes, our crew is very conscientious of
Adjacent structures and will protect them.

You probably have heard the cliché “there is more to this than meets the eye”. There usually is, and that is why I wrote this article. I hope you will find this guide helpful in planning your Driveway, Walks, Patios, and/or Step replacement project. Contact me for help and contact me here for FREE ESTIMATE.

Dave Poppenga

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Employment Opportunities

July 8, 2016 • servadmin

We are Hiring! Experienced concrete construction people can apply for work here.

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Request Free Estimate

July 8, 2016 • servadmin

Yes, with your help, I can get you an ESTIMATED PRICE on your project.  Please submit the form below paying particular attention to describe your project in as much detail as you possibly can.

Should you need help just do the best you can and we will get in touch  to see what we need to  do the get you an Estimated Price.

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Residential Gallery

July 6, 2016 • servadmin

 Nothing speaks louder than history.  

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Concrete Patios are becoming the backyard’s number one destination spot for cooking, entertaining and relaxing. You can bring the comforts of your indoor rooms to the outside, creating spaces that function as an inviting extension of your home.

CONCRETE VS PAVERS: A slab of concrete for a backyard patio can be much more economical than hand placed pavers. Many people seem to prefer the look of pavers, but at the same time are unaware that concrete can be created to look nearly indentical. The drawbacks of pavers include broken pieces, separation and the ability for weeds to grow between. Concrete, on the other hand, provides a solid surface that completely eliminates weed growth. And concrete can be colored, textured and stamped in form to resemble the look of pavers.

CONCRETE VS WOOD DECKING: Needless to say, concrete is much more durable and long-lasting than wood decking. Its maintenance is also less time consuming and costly. Although
wood decks are characteristically unique, they pose considerable drawbacks with splintering, regular sealing, warping, etc. With concrete however, wood plank stamps now exist that can create the look of wood in the concrete surface, providing a much more resilient and still aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Poppenga’s has been installing concrete driveways, patios, walkways, decks and much more in Southwest Missouri area since 1989. We do commercial and residential projects. We are equip to handle minor repairs to large industrial projects. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

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